Active AccountId:

Balance: (XLM)

Active Network:

TX Status:

Send Funds

Send funds from you to another accountId


Receive Funds

Info to provide a sender that will be sending funds to you


Public addressId QR-code Compatible with Centaurus:

Transaction History

Recent Fund Tranfer Transaction History on this accountId (sortable)

TX AccountID Tx type Asset Code Amount Balance Memo Date/Time

List Asset Holdings

List all Asset Issuer holdings held by this AccountId (sortable)

Asset Code Issuer AccountID Balance Limit

Import/Export Keyset

Import or Export a stellar keyset from browser local or systsem file to be used in transactions

Save LocalStorage key sets to system file:

Import backup from local system file to browser Local Storage key sets:

Select a key set Nick Name that is now in browser Local Storage:

Seed Nick Name or public ID:

Encrypt/Decrypt Seed pass phrase:

Secret Seed:


Secret seed QRcode
QR-code export mode select:

Advanced Transaction Functions

Advanced transactions include adding trustlines, TX signing of multi sig transactions and other advanced functions

Change Default Network and Page Settings

Change default network settings including default horizon/mss-server address pointing, mss-server/horizon modes, Live/Testnet/custom network pass phrase and page settings for top page URL of image and top page title.

Also refresh balance:

MSS-server socket Status:
Network Passphrase:
Horizon/mss_server URL: Port: secure
Remote My_wallet Signer URL:
Remote Stellar laboratory Signer URL:
Default Decimal Round:
Default Asset_code:
Default Issuer:
Default Issuer signer key:

Enable Auto Trust Count:
Deposit Sound Alarm Source: if blank, sound effect on deposit disabled

Top Image URL:
Top Page Title:
Page Background Color:
Page Background URL Image:
Page Text Color:
Force enable_change_key: Only may be needed with self hosted horizon

Perform Inflation Operation to collect 1% interest

Add Trustline

Add a TrustLine to this your account or Allow Trust from the issuer account

Note: for Allow Trust you must have the issuer setup with Authorization required (0x1) and Authorization revocable (0x2) done in stellar lab

Asset Code:

Add ALL:
Add all TrustLines on this issuer seen in toml
Credit Limit:
Set to 0 to delete TrustLine

Sign Tx

Sign a multi sig base64 tx envelope

QR-code of transaction above

Merge Accounts

Merge all this accounts assets into a target accountId, destination target account must be empty with no assets or XLM. Update_fed_email will modify federation lookup for whatever is now seen in merge destination target public address, must also have secret key to update fed

Account Settings Options

Advanced Account Settings including:Add signers, Account Signing Threshold Weight settings, Inflation destination, Home Domain Settings. Caution be careful with threshold setting as you can lock yourself out of your own account

PublicKey Coded:
Secret Coded:
Secret Hex:

Master_weight: Threshold:

Trade Transaction Tools

Tools that allow trading of stellar assets for other assets

Asset Trade History

History of Asset Trade transactions on this AccountId (sortable)

Offer ID Sold Asset Sold Issuer Sold Amount Bought Asset Bought Issuer Bought Amount Date/Time

Open Order Offers

Presently open orders setup and running on this accountId (sortable)

Offer ID Selling Asset Selling Issuer Amount Price You Get Buying Asset Buying Issuer Cancel

Paths Viewer

Search Paths of offers with a destination address for a destination asset pair at a set amount

This uses present selected account as source address

Destination AddressID:
Destination Asset:
Destination Asset Issuer:
Destination Amount:

Destination Asset Destination Issuer Destination Amount Path Asset Path Issuer Source Asset Source Issuer Source Amount

Order Book Viewer

View orderbook summary of all offers with the assets selling and buying

These are all prently open orders on the network

Sell Asset: :Counter Asset
Sell Issuer:
Buy Asset: :Base Asset
Buy Issuer:

by: Percent

Better bid will setup an order in Create Offers that is +- precent more or less than your results seen in OrderBook tables seen bellow

Example if you set Better_Bid to -10% on a bid it will prepare to setup an order at a bid price -10% less than the best price seen in Orderbook

Example if you set Better_Ask to 10 on an ask it will prepare to setup an order at an ask price +10% more than best price seen in Orderbook

Bid Table

Bid Amount Value

Ask Table

Ask Amount Value

Create Offer

Create an order offer of an asset issuer set for another asset issuer set presently held and trusted by this accountId. To sell or buy native Lumens use XLM as Asset_code with no Asset_issuer (blank)

Selling Asset_code:

Selling Amount: Number of selling asset you are selling.

Selling Price: Number of buying asset expected for 1 selling asset.
Selling PriceR

Buying Asset_code: